- HRCI certification: the world's highest standard for HR Professionals:

 Human Resources professionals in more than 100 countries are HRCI certified. Their HRCIcertification demonstrates relevance, competence, experience,credibility and dedication to human resources.
 For more information please visit HRCI’s website:
- What's HR CERTIFICATION INSTITUTE (HRCI) and why HR Certification:

 The HR Certification Institute offers a comprehensive portfolio of advancedprofessional credentials for HR Professionals worldwide.
 Why Earn Certification? 
 In 2010, the HR Certification Institute conducted a study of more than 1,500 HR professionals working around the world and found several important advantages to earning certification, including: 
   • Hiring managers often consider an HR applicant’s professional certification when making hiring decisions. 
   • Many organizations prefer to hire certified HR professionals because they have demonstrated their knowledge and skills. 
   • Businessleadersfrequently find certified HR professionals to be highly motivated, strong performers who are more knowledgeable of the HR field.
   • Certification shows commitment to the industry and to continued professional development. 
   • Earning a credential fulfills an individual’s personal and professional goals. 
 Certification validates the individual’s professional knowledge and helps the individual creategreater success by applying that knowledge at his or her organization. All
 of the HR Certification Institute’s exams are voluntary, althoughsome organizations or employers may have policies that require their employees to earn certification. HR professionals should decide if attaining certification meets their needs and the needsof their employers.

    The Professional in Human Resources – International (PHRi™) is a global, competency-based credential that is designed to validate professional-level core HR knowledge and skills. The credential demonstrates mastery of generally accepted technical and operational HR principles. Independent of geographic region, the credential complementslocal HR practices. Through demonstrated knowledge, the credential enhances the credibility of HR professionals and the organizations they serve.
- Eligibility Requirements:
A minimum of 1 year of professional-level experience in an HR position with a Master's degree or global equivalent, OR
A minimum of 2 years of professional-level experience in an HR position with a Bachelor's degree or global equivalent, OR
A minimum of 4 years of professional-level experience in an HR position with a high school diploma or global equivalent Eligible to candidates outside of the United States.

-Exam Format and Length:
Computer-based Testing (CBT)
170 questions (145 scored, 25 pre-test)
3 hours 15 minutes in length

- Target Audience:

 All members of the syndicate .
- Instructor:

 The Course led by qualified and certified instructor who works as professional in the HRM industry, He worked on both organizational and consultation level, with in depth practical and academical HR knowledge and certifiedSHRM-SCP, SPHRi and PHRi who brings a wealth of practical expertise to every workshop.
- Training Outline (25 Sessions):

 1-HR Administration (22%) – 5 Sessions 
 • Strategic HR Management and Business Trends, 
 • Gathering, Measuring and Reporting HR Data, 
 • Workplace Planning and Employment Strategies, 
 • Change Management and Business Process 
 • Improvement,
 • Organizational Policies, Procedures and Regulations, 
 2-Recruitment and Selection (22%) – 5 Sessions 
 • Workplace Planning and Staffing, 
 • Job Analysis and Documentation, 
 • Recruitment, 
 • Selection, 
 • New hire Onboarding, 
 • Recruitment Metrics,  
 3-Employee Relations and Communication (20%) – 4 Sessions 
 • Communication in the Workplace, 
 • Laws Affecting Employee and Labor relations, 
 • Creating a Positive Work Environment, 
 • Managing Employee Behavior Issues,  
 4-Compensation and Benefits (14%) – 4 Sessions 
 • Total Rewards, 
 • Compensation,
 • Benefits,  
 5-Training and Development (15%) – 4 Sessions 
 • Training, 
 • Performance Management, 
 • Career Development,  
 6-Health, Safety and Security (7%) – 2 Sessions 
 • Organizational Risk, 
 • Employee Health, 
 • Employee Safety, 
 • Workplace Security,  

- Course Details:
Course Duration: 42 Hours in 6 days (7 hours each day) 
Location: To be announced later on.
Cost: 500$ for members and 750$ for others.
- Exam Pricng:
Application Fee: $100(application fee is non-refundable).
Exam Fee: $395.    

Date added: 2016/04/12

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